VA Website Building

Want even more than only IPS integration? We have the solution!

We build complete websites for you!

If you need a design for your website based on your preferences, you need a design from scratch.
However, if you already have a design in the form of e.g. a PSD file or some images, the design still needs to be converted to an HTML template, this will cost €30.

For more information about the Status Indicators (SI), click here

Complete website €150
Design conversion €30
Design from scratch €50
Additional flightlogger support:
kACARS_Free included
smartCARS €30
Custom kACARS €30
FS Flight Keeper €30
XAcars €20
Add-on modules:
Status Indicators €10
Status Indicators+ €20
Auto Awards €20
Enhanced Fleet Tracking €20
Map Routes €20
Entrance Exam module €20
Forum + guestbook module €30
Gallery module (including option for Facebook or Flickr connection!) €30
Theoretical Exams module €30
LiveBoard €30
VAFS Import €50
Virtual Remote Training System (VRTS) €90

Complete website features

• Full IPS Integration;
•Pages manager;
•Menu manager;
•Downloads manager;
•News manager;
•Partners manager;
•Email system;
•Multi-language support;
•Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs;
•Terms and Conditions;
•Forum (optional);
•Guestbook (optional);
•Gallery (optional): own database or connect with Facebook or Flickr;
•Entrance Exam (optional);
•Enhanced Fleet Tracking (optional).

Add-on modules

Auto Awards features

•Automatically award an award to a pilot when certain conditions are met;
•Overview email with a list of pilots which have been awarded an award;
•Select flights based on A/C types flown, airports visited, flights of a certain length or duration and more;
•Option to remove another award when the award is awarded;
•Award an award when a tour is finished or when a user is a member for a certain nr of days.

Enhanced Fleet Tracking features

•An addition to the default fleet system;
•Track position of all aircraft in fleet;
•Position of aircraft is automatically updated at the end of a flight;
•Aircraft cannot be booked if the aircraft is already in flight or booked by another pilot;
•Only book flights from timetable where the corresponding aircraft is on the departure airport (can be disabled);
•Check if destination is within range of aircraft when booking a flight using the book-a-flight form.

Map Routes features

•Display routes of aircraft according to their flightplan route;
•Display routes on the current flights page;
•Display routes on the flight details page;
•Up-to-date navdata.

Entrance Exam features

•Create an entrance exam which pilots need to pass in order to register;
•Create questions with a correct answers and an unlimited nr of wrong answers;
•Create unlimited nr of questions;
•Displayed after terms and conditions, before registration form;
•Define nr of questions displayed;
•Define nr of questions which need to be correct in order to pass;
•Define nr of days an applicant must wait before retrying;
•Questions are chosen randomly and answers are displayed in random order;
•The exam is validated automatically.

Theoretical Exams module features

•Create theoretical exams;
•Let the system award an award to the pilot when passing the exam;
•Multiple-choice questions or open questions;
•Optionally add an image to a question;
•Define nr of questions displayed;
•Define nr of questions which must be answered correctly in order to pass the exam;
•Set a time limit for the exam;
•Set nr of days after which a failed exam becomes available again;
•Let an exam become available if another exam has been passed;
•Possibility to manually set the availability of the exam to pilots, useful if you also do practical exams;
•Questions are chosen randomly and answers are displayed in random order;
•Possibility to make exams which are only available to administrators;
•All exams must be validated before it is finished, multiple-choice questions are automatically rated as right or wrong, open questions must be rated manually.

VAFS Import features

•Imports your VA data from VAFS;
•Imports the following data:
•    Ranks;
•    Hubs;
•    Fleet;
•    Timetable (schedules);
•    Pilots;
•    Awards;
•    Flights;

Forum + guestbook module features

•Fully integrated forum;
•One account for both website and forum;
•Board are created via manager;
•Boards and topics can be locked;
•Smileys can be used in posts;
•Posts can be edited/deleted by topic owner, post owner or forum admin;
•Forum admins are administrators with access to the forum module in the manager;
•Topics can be made sticky and can be moved;
•Guestbook page where visitors can leave comments on the site.

Gallery module features

•Pictures sorted in albums;
•Three possible sources:
•    Local database:
•        Pictures are uploaded to the server, albums are created via the manager;
•        Users can upload pictures (can be disabled).
•    Facebook:
•        Data is loaded from a public Facebook account or page;
•        Data is reloaded everytime one of the albums changes, otherwise data is cached.
•    Flickr:
•        Data is loaded from a Flickr account;
•        Data is reloaded everytime one of the albums changes, otherwise data is cached.

If you are interested in a complete website, please contact us via the contact page.
Before contacting us, please carefully read the IPS Terms and Conditions.

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