VRTS - Virtual Remote Training System:
the most complete VA training system to date!

The Virtual Remote Training System, or VRTS, is a complete training system built especially for virtual airlines. The VRTS runs separately from the main website, but is heavily linked to it. It uses the VA's user accounts and trainees won't even notice that the VRTS is a separate system. Currently the VRTS is compatible with the IPS CMS or phpVMS.

The main feature of the VRTS is the VRTS Live system which allows trainers to track their trainee’s aircraft live via their browsers; they can see the position of the aircraft on a map, along with the positions of the tuned VORs and NDBs, the instruments of the pilot and other data.

Main features:

•VRTS Live;
•Review training sessions in 3D in Google Earth;
•Advanced course managing;
•Theoretical examination system;
•Smooth VA website integration;
•Training documents system;
•Both pilot and ATC courses are supported;
•Notification system.


The VRTS is compatible with:
•Your custom VA system!

How it works

•The training managers create courses and appoint trainers;
•A pilot requests a course;
•A trainer is appointed to that pilot;
•The pilot then walks trough all modules:
•    Self study;
•    Theoretical exams;
•    Practical training;
•    Practical exams.
•When the pilot has finished the course, an award can be awarded.


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If you are interested in the VRTS, please contact us via the contact page.
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