Other clients for IPS CMS

Do you want more details in your flightlog? Or have a lot of offline-flying pilots?

The IPS CMS system can also be used with a number of pilot-client flightloggers! This enables more detailled flightlogs and serves your offline-flying pilots. A link between the IPS and the flightlogger can be established (OnlineCheck), so that the flightloggers can even be used when flying online.

The following flightlogging programs are supported by the IPS CMS:
NamePriceWebsiteOSFree for pilotsFree for the VA*
kACARS_Free €0 http://www.fs-products.net/ Windows yes yes
smartCARS €30 http://tfdidesign.com/ Windows yes no
Custom kACARS €30 http://www.fs-products.net/ Windows yes no
FS Flight Keeper €30 http://www.flightkeeper.net/ Windows no yes
XAcars €20 http://www.xacars.net/ Windows,
Mac OSX,
yes yes
* "Free for the VA" applies to the use of the program itself, not the price of the IPS CMS module.

OnlineCheck (€20)

The OnlineCheck module establishes a link between the flightlogger and the IPS flightlogger. Throughout the flight the OnlineCheck module checks if the pilot is flying online or not. Then if the pilot is flying online, the pirep is filed as if the pilot was flying online instead of offline. Also, display on the current flights page on which network the pilot is flying on.

To prevent flightlogging conflicts, the IPS flightlogger cannot be used to log flights when using the OnlineCheck module.

Flightlogger details

kACARS_Free (included)

kACARS is state-of-the-art logging software built for Windows and Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004 and FSX). The application will download flight information from the website and log the flight. Also, the flight will be displayed on the current flights page.

Support for kACARS_Free is included in the IPS integration and complete website packages by default.

smartCARS (€30)

smartCARS is the next generation flightlogger client, built to the wishes of your VA. It is built for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It includes schedule search, bookings center, flight status page, flight log page and a cloud-based chat system which enables your pilots to chat with other smartCARS users, even outside of your VA. The application generates and extensive flightlog and flights flown using smartCARS will be displayed on the current flights page.

Important notice: Your copy of smartCARS must be ordered from http://tfdidesign.com/! The support module for the IPS CMS costs an additional €30 and is only to enable support for smartCARS on the IPS CMS system. This price is excluding the price of the customized smartCARS itself.

Custom kACARS (€30)

A Custom kACARS is a kACARS program especially built for your VA, in your house style. It contains a lot more functions than the free version of kACARS, for example: chat, timetable search, live METARs and logging of a lot more aircraft parameters.

Important notice: In order to obtain a Custom kACARS, you must contact the developer of kACARS at fs-products.net! The module that is offered for the IPS CMS is only to enable communication between the program and the website and costs €30. The price of the Custom kACARS may vary depending on your needs.

FS Flight Keeper (€30)

FS Flight Keeper is by far the most extensive flightlogger that is supported by the IPS CMS. The system can even save the flight maps generated by the program and display it on the website! This program features live flights displaying (on the website, but also in the program itself), flightlogging and more.

Important notice: Each copy of FS Flight Keeper must be purchased by the pilot itself. It is available in the Aerosoft Shop or simMarket.

XAcars (€20)

XAcars was especially built to enable flightlogging for X-Plane users, this is what makes this program so useful. It can be used on Windows for either MSFS or X-Plane, but it can also be used on Mac OSX or Linux for X-Plane. Just as the other applications, XAcars will display the flight on the website and maintain a flightlog.

If you are interested in support for one of the flightloggers or the OnlineCheck module, please contact us via the contact page.
Before contacting us, please carefully read the IPS Terms and Conditions.

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