phpVMS Solutions

phpVMS is, just like the IPS CMS, a great airline managing software suite.
We offer variable phpVMS solutions, please have a look around for more information!

Our phpVMS solutions:

• IPS for phpVMS;
• OnlineCheck for phpVMS;
• LiveBoard for phpVMS;
• VRTS for phpVMS.

IPS for phpVMS (€40)

• IPS for phpVMS installation;
•Cronjob or IPS Cron Service setup;
• Flight logging based on automatic detection or flight bids;
• Connection to live map on website;
• Display network on live map;
• Fully automated PIREP reports.

Notice: IPS will automatically detect pilots using another logging client than IPS. So it's no problem to use another logging client when flying online. Alternatively, check OnlineCheck for phpVMS.

OnlineCheck for phpVMS (€40)

OnlineCheck uses the underlying IPS architecture to keep IVAO/VATSIM data up-to-date and uses this data to determine if flights logged using normal pilot-client flightloggers were flown online or not.

• OnlineCheck for phpVMS installation;
•Cronjob or IPS Cron Service setup;
• Detect if flights are flown on IVAO or VATSIM;
• Display network on live map;
• Display network in client field in pirep;
• Add comment to pirep stating that flight was flown online and on which network.

If you are interested in one of those products, please contact us via the contact page.
Before contacting us, please carefully read the IPS Terms and Conditions.

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