The LiveBoard is an embeddable Flash applet which displays the current flights of your airline as an old-fashioned flight board.

Available for our own IPS CMS, phpVMS and all other VA systems!

Note: click the image above for a live demo of the LiveBoard.

The LiveBoard implementations:
• LiveBoard for IPS CMS;
• LiveBoard for phpVMS;
• LiveBoard Standalone.


The features of LiveBoard:
• Fully customizable colors;
• Compatible with the IPS CMS and phpVMS;
• Display your own logo;
• Displays the current live flights of the airline;
• Display airline logos per flight, useful if your airline simulates multiple airlines;
• Editable number of lines;
• Nice flip animation (click image for demo!).

What you get when you purchase the LiveBoard:
• The LiveBoard Flash Applet;
• Installation service;
• An administrator panel module with which you can:
•    • Edit the appearance of the LiveBoard on your website;
•    • Generate an HTML code to place the board on other websites.

For only €30 it's yours!

LiveBoard Standalone

The features of LiveBoard Standalone:
• As customizable as the LiveBoard for IPS CMS or phpVMS;
• Compatible with your own custom VA management system;
• Variable datasource.

Important notice: the datasource has not been programmed yet, a readme file is included to explain the data format. Programming knowledge is required!

For only €30 it's yours!

If you are interested in the LiveBoard, please contact us via the contact page.
Before contacting us, please carefully read the IPS Terms and Conditions.

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