IPS Integration

If you are not that handy with PHP, or just want the quality service the IPS team offers, we have the right solution for you.
We do IPS Integration into your website, perfect for if you're already running a website with CMS but just want that superb VA managing system!

IPS Integration (€120)

• IPS Installation;
•Cronjob or IPS Cron Service setup;
•Advanced pilots manager;
•Pilot registration form;
•Pilot roster (including pilot profile pages);
•Pilots based on airline hubs (can be switched off);
•Assign flights to pilots;
•Awards system;
•Events system;
•Tours system;
•Personal profile page;
•Optionally let pilots transfer hours from other VA's;
•Last logs page;
•Advanced flight booking system: timetable or flight booking form*;
•Flightlog manager;
•Current flights page;
•Fleet manager;
•Stats page;
•kACARS_Free support by default.

Per item things like design and exact functionality will be agreed between you and the IPS team before starting installation.

* = Only used if the VA chooses to use the booking system instead of the automatic detection system.

If you are interested in one of those products, please contact us via the contact page.
Before contacting us, please carefully read the IPS Terms and Conditions.

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