The Integrated Pirep System for Virtual Airlines (or IPS) is a PHP-based flight logging and pirep (Pilot Report) system. It automatically detects flights, logs them and finally "sends" a flight report of the flight.

The IPS consists of a few PHP scripts which are called every minute by a cronjob.

Important notice: To integrate the IPS sufficient PHP and MySQL knowledge is required. However, to help you, the IPS team offers IPS Integration services.

Server requirements

• PHP;
• MySQL;
• Support for cronjobs (optional).

Note that the support for cronjobs is optional, as the IPS team provides a service which can replace the cronjob on your server.
This service is called the IPS Cron Service.

Installing the IPS

By installing the IPS you agree to the IPS Terms and Conditions.

If you do not have the required knowledge to integrate the IPS into your website, the IPS team offers some attractive services and products to integrate the IPS into your website.
Please checkout Services & Products!

All IPS Features

•  No logging software for your pilots, hence compatible with OS'es like Mac and flight simulators like X-Plane;
•  Easy for your pilots: less flight planning, they can't forget to turn on their flight logger and no pirep forms to fill after a flight;
•  Flights can be logged when flown on IVAO, VATSIM or other networks*;
•  IPS can use a booking system or a full automatic detection system (based on a default text in the remarks, the start of a callsign or both);
•  Extensive flight reports, including callsign, flightplan, duration, distance and status (arrived, diverted or not arrived);
•  The software is free, further support and integration services can be bought in packages;
•  The system detects sandbagging (being online, doing nothing, just to log hours);
•  The system supports FS crashes (resulting in time being offline) and doesn't count offline hours;
•  The IPS does flight status calculation (like boarding, departing, climbing, descending, initial approach, and more);
•  The IPS accurately calculates the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival);
•  To check if the IPS is running well, the IPS comes with an extensive live information page;
•  Intelligent flight termination detection.
* other networks are only supported if the network provides a so-called whazzup information service. This is the service which programs like ServInfo, Dolomynum or IvAe use to display online traffic.

IVAO notice

An IVAO API key is required to decrease the IVAO data refresh interval to 3 minutes (otherwise it will be 10 minutes). An IVAO API key can be requested at

VATSIM notice

Due to the fact that VATSIM doesn't use ICAO flightplans for flights, the ICAO flightplan generated by IPS may be incorrect for flights flown on VATSIM. The A/C data is mostly not complete, VATSIM doesn't support flight type (like S for scheduled and G for general aviation) and VATSIM data doesn't tell whether the plane is on the ground or not, resulting in less accurate flight status indications.

IPS Demo

Click here for a demo live information page!


Download the latest IPS version on the Downloads page.

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